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Category “Photography”

Last Year’s Best Photos

I haven’t posted in some time so I will try and make it up. Here are some of my favorite photos from last year. Hope you like them. They were all shot on my early morning hikes up towards the 680 Trail above Sleepy Hollow/Terra Linda in Marin County.

Life in Marin County

Blustery afternoon at The Gate.

Walkies with Astro.

Anyone for a game of bocce? San Rafael courts.

Loch Lomond harbor.

Corte Madera.

Slightly Darkened Streets of Tokyo

Pre- and post-earthquake Tokyo lights by night.

The Lost Tribes of New York City

I saw a reference to this video while reading Lens, a new blog from The New York Times online edition. Lens is a photojournalism blog not unlike The Big Picture blog from, the online version of the Boston Globe. It is different, however, in that there is more commentary and the photos are presented in a Flash “reel” format as opposed to a long single page.

The post from Friday on Lens states:

It’s Friday. The week is winding down. It’s lunchtime. Your boss is out of the office. So go ahead. Take a look at these intriguing videos, selected by Erik Olsen, a video journalist at The Times, for their quality, novelty, ingenuity and insightfulness. We’ll be offering this guilty pleasure every week.

So I does videos instead of photography on Fridays. I’ll be checking back regularly. This is a marvelous piece that is very reminiscent of Nick Park’s Creature Comforts, one of my all-time favorite clay animation shorts. (Parks animated interviews of people in a retirement home and children with claymation animals in a zoo.)

The Lost Tribes of New York City from Carolyn London on Vimeo.

[Tip o’ de hat to Richard in Melbourne]

Kris Krug Delivers the Photographic Basics

I saw Kris deliver this talk last year at Gnomedex 8 from the audience and was really impressed. Kris Krug is a successful Vancouver, BC, photographer and founder of Static Photography. In 23 minutes he recounts great stories and excellent suggestions on how to create a good picture. As a fledgling photographer myself, I was entertained and grateful for all of the valuable information (my camera). Good on’ ya, Kris.