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Category “Off the hook & cool”

Dance of the Light Bulbs

I would never have believed that light bulbs could dance until I saw this. Ballet has never been a deep interest but this is magnificent. It starts slow but worth the build up, imho. [Tip o’ de hat to Neatorama]

Where My Dogs At? Where My Frogs At?

Chris Brown offers up “Free Beats” in New York City’s Union Square. Let the fun begin! [Via]

R.I.P., Peter Falk, 1927-2011

Oh, just one more thing; thanks for all the years of entertainment.

Dazzling iPad Magic

This dude has skills; I wonder if I could learn to make the iPad work like that?

Neil Patrick Harris’ Tony Awards Summary

Effing genius. Brilliant writing.

Yankees Versus Red Socks

Don’t Make Me Angry Box

“Don’t piss me off or you’ll get yours.”

Poetry in Random Motion

Multiple pendulums are randomly set out of phase with a delicious and rewarding series of spectacular patterns. Check it out. [By way of]

How to Make a Real Dummy from Your Audience

Paul Zerdin, a ventriloquist, manages to make a dummy out of one of his audience members. Hilarity ensues. [Tip o’ de hat to cousin John Jameson]

James Brown Shows You His Moves

Soul Brother #1, Godfather of Soul, breaks it down for all of us. We miss you, JB!