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Hem // Tourniquet // Official Video from Jordan Bruner on Vimeo.

Bruce Springsteen Singing Growing up

What’s not to love? Rare footage of Bruce Springsteen solo; 8/10/72, at Max’s Kansas City. (Tip o’ de hat to Dangerous Minds)

Where My Dogs At? Where My Frogs At?

Chris Brown offers up “Free Beats” in New York City’s Union Square. Let the fun begin! [Via]

Shanty in Old Shanty Town

I grew up listening to my Dad play this song in the evening on the upright piano in the family room. I distinctly remember him playing and singing this song as I would lie in bed waiting to fall asleep.

He composed many of the songs the wrote during that time as well. After returning from San Francisco and his job at the ad agency he would get out his Wollensack reel-to-reel tape recorder, wrap the microphone cord around the foot of the globe on the top of the piano so that it dangled in front of his face, and he would improvise hoping to get a nugget of a song from which he could mine the rest. It’s a very happy memory recalling what must have been hard but rewarding work for him.

I chose this version of “Shanty in Old Shanty Town” not because of the orchestration but because the phrasing is along the lines of what how I recall the song being sung. There are other versions out on the Net that I liked including great ones by Fats Domino and another by the Ink Spots.

“In a Shanty in Old Shanty Town” was written by Ira Schuster and Jack Little with lyrics by Joe Young, published in 1932.

What’s Playing? London Version

Part two of the fascinating street interviews of @unclebulgaria85. [Seen at]

What’s playing?

Great bit of street interviewing; something I’ve always wonder when I see people hurrying by with ear buds on. What is the music they’re listening to?

Wouldn’t It Be Nice

This video is one of a number of videos being published of the making of the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds album. They are all fascinating looks into what Brian Wilson and the rest of the Beach Boys and studio musicians did to make the album that was to become the background music for my life in the late 1960s. Behind the Sounds has published eight of them. If you’re a Beach Boys fan like me, you’ll love these.

I was a teenager in those years and was very fortunate to be able to accompany my father to a number of recording sessions. He was the creative director of a San Francisco ad agency and I would go to sessions with him in the City and LA. It really gave me the bug to be part of this process. I would spend my spring break from high school walking SF trying to get one of the recording studios to hire me to sweep the floors, anything, to get near their sessions. In spite of my efforts I was never hired by any of the studios and ended up spending summers as a life guard or office boy.

What Smart Folks Do with Beer Bottles

A sonic love poem.

Plastic State of Mind

AshEL Eldridge and Jenni Perez making the case for getting rid of plastic bags. Awesome presentation of a good message, people!

Bring me Sunshine

Oh those Brits; when they get on the positive tip! [Thanks to Cousin John for the link]