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Summer Solstice Hike up Loma Alta

My friend, Gene, and I started our hike today from the end of Freitas Parkway in Terra Linda. It was a full moonlit morning at 4 a.m. We headed up to the 680 trail on the fire trail between TL and Sleepy Hollow. 

Gene and I walk most mornings together. Today’s was special as we hadn’t been to the top of Loma Alta since Christmas Day (which was freezing-assed cold; not so today!) On our daily walks we spend much of our time talking about California history. Gene is a naturalized American citizen having come here from Ireland in the early 60s. Together we compare notes on the many Irish Americans responsible for the creation of modern California. Particular favorites are Governor John Downey and the Donahue brothers.

Upon reaching the summit an hour and a half later Gene said, “I hear voices. Who is on my mountain?” Three very nice high school aged young people were sitting on a blanket watching the sun rise over the Bay below. They had hiked up the back way from Big Rock at the head of Lucas Valley to celebrate the Solstice just as we had from Terra Linda.  

The day couldn’t have been more enchanting. It was a wonderful morning in one of the most beautiful places on earth. I feel truly blessed to live where I live and very lucky in my friends. 

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